10 Tips On Writing A Blog For Your Business

We all know Website Design is very crucial since it will catch the attention and trigger the intention of potential customers to stay on your website and read information and purchase the services that are being offered.

What about Content?

Article writing is easy only if you know how to write accurate content for the article on your blog.

Writing successful blogs post for your business is a good strategy to invite more readers to visit your site. Being prepared is a basic step when writing a blog post for your business. We have prepared the following tips to help you in writing effective blog posts for your business website.

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1. Press Release for Content Article

Press release article writing with a specific product or service that your company has will help your blog increase the visibility in search engines. Aside from that, if you are a business blogger, you will increase your profit because of your visibility.

2. Choose a Business Related Topic

When choosing a topic, choose a unique and searchable topic. You must choose a topic carefully to gain lots of information that will be posted on your blog and you will have a lot of subjects and topics to talk about. It must be related to your business with the goal of how they will be benefitted with your business.  Now with the new Google Guidelines it is getting more important to really cover the topic you are writing about.  This doesn’t just mean using one very long article covering every aspect but using several articles to get the most in-depth knowledge across to readers and giving them the best user experience possible. By having more specific content it makes it easier to search and also helps Google determine the most relevant pages from your site to show.

3. Tell The Reader What You Provide

One topic has numerous subjects especially on your business. You can tell what kind of services do you have and what kind of deals you offer.  If some of your products or services are complicated then this is a great time to really explain what it is that you do.  Your audience might even realize that after reading your blog that they needed something they previously thought they didn’t! (such as professionally written content :D)

4. Uniqueness: Make It Your Own

Article writing does not literally mean having large quantity of keyword density. You must write a unique article blended with new and different ideas to eliminate your competitors in advertising. You also have to ensure the content of your article really has the idea you want to project with the right tone, and the correct information!  It used to be common to see people copying articles they like from competitors and sticking it on their website… the good ol’ copy and paste technique. Those days are gone.

Now: you want to be writing unique content, this doesn’t mean you cant offer something someone else has just find your own words and way of writing that will not only give your own style to readers but also be full of your own flavour that might entice people to work with your business over others.

5. Comparing

Try to compare your services to others but maybe don’t put an exact company name if you don’t want rise any eyebrows. You must convince your customer that you have very good offers that will give benefits rather than regrets.  Here you can also compare your different packages or services or products that may help people to decide what it is they want to buy.  If you compare with competitors then this will at the same time allow you to see how competitive your services really are! In a world where competition between business is becoming stronger it is certainly worth setting yourself apart.

6. Key phrases and Keywords

Investigate key phrases and keywords that are accompanied with your subject. Using related keywords also known as long-tail keywords will increase the presence of your blog in the search engine but you still don’t have an assurance that the customer will buy your service, having good content accompanied with a well written and unique article will help your blog to be lined up in the top 10 slots in the search engines.

7. Catchy and Compelling

You must create a press release articles with a catchy and compelling title that contains informative words and promises but don’t create a very long title.

8. Humor

Being funny is a good character that can be applied in article writing, don’t make yourself too serious, write about your emotions, experiences and don’t make it boring. You might like to add some jokes or something creative to add a personal touch…

[styledbox type=”general” width=”330″ align=”center”]There once was a man called Fred,
who wrote a blog post without his head,
his website tumbled,
and all the words jumbled,
so the next day he fell out of bed![/styledbox]

Ok.. so we are not a comedy club just wanted to illustrate the point!

9. Bulleted and Lists

[list style=”arrow” color=”green”]

  • Write bullet points and lists
  • Its a fast and easy way to deliver your content
  • You can share information about your products and services
  • Advantages for customers
  • Its clear to organise and visually appealing
  • You can still add more details to each point
  • Finally, you can have a catchy title (like on this post!)
  • Why Not? 😉


10. Expansion

You must expand the main subjects in at least 2 to 3 sentences and you must include the key phrases and keywords every subheadings and also create an SEO friendly article but it must be abide the laws of search engine optimization.

Well that concludes our 10 tips, we can’t give you all our secrets in one go, but if you woud like some professionally written content for your site that is something we enjoy doing!

So get in contact about our article writing service.

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