12 Reasons You Should Use WordPress for Business

Anyone who has set foot online, especially to create their own blog or site, has heard of WordPress, but there is a huge misconception about it. Many business owners that think WordPress is exclusively for creating a simple and ordinary blog, as you are about to discover, this is far from the truth!

In fact, WordPress is NOTHING like Blogspot, Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, Posterous or any other blogging network you can think of.

To Describe WordPress In A Sentence;

[styledbox type=”help” width=”640″ align=”center”]WordPress is a feature rich and powerful Content Management System that works magic online for your business, and you know what?
The search engines love it!

Let’s face it… over 20,000,000 downloads can be wrong[/styledbox]

If There Was Ever A Business In A Box…

If there was a business in a box then a custom built WordPress solution is what would pop out.  It allows you to perform everything you need without logging into lots of different websites to manage your business.

Here are our 12 reasons you need WordPress:

Open Source Community + Security + Speed

It isn’t always about performance, you need to make sure your website is safe, secure, and free from naughty spammers! WordPress has a very robust open source community of developers who are making updates constantly to maximize the security of your installation.  When it comes to speed there is an array of performance enhancing plugins to ensure your visitors a not waiting around for you greet them.

Design + Integration + Flexibility

Any shapes, colours, layouts, fonts can be chosen for your design. If you want to add features there are free plugins for everything as well as some very impressive premium ones. Whether it be e-commerce, contact forms, membership gateways, slideshows, maps, skype, social media, or video posting there is something to support it in any size shape or place you like.

Manage + Update + Display

WordPress was built with the user in mind. From novice to experienced; it is easy every step of the way with the majority of features accessible within one or two clicks of the mouse. Editing your content, blog posts, pages, and galleries is as simple as sending an e-mail. With simple solutions to make beautifully presented content; there is no need to know any PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL, JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery or anything else – that is OUR job!

Track + Generate Results + Profit

However you measure success, if its selling products, services, collecting emails or just to showcase your best work, WordPress has everything integrated under one roof to manage orders, members, subcriptions, uploads, and downloads. You can track and get statistics on everything you need and find out where you can improve things.  The earning potentials as you expand are limitless.

Less Clicks With WordPress

Just a few clicks is all you need.  Many marketers talk about their 1 click wonders, well, it would be unfair to say only 1 click.  But how about 2 or 3? WordPress is easy to upgrade to new versions, to instal plugins, to upload all your media, to add posts, to change your contact information.. for everything!

No need to be a computer wizard to use it, and besides, we help all our clients master WordPress so that you are set up and running in lightspeed.

There are numerous web hosting programs and services that allow a one click installation feature to help save more time getting started.
Did we mention that WordPresss CMS is free?
You can download it here: Download WordPress (in any language)

Sounds Good, Right?

Thinking Creativity uses WordPress as our #1 platform of choice simply because of all the reasons we just told you! We are WordPress designers and build themes from scratch to make the most of the CMS experience and enhance your website and business to take advantage of the search engines, and if you take our discount hosting offer you will have your domain, email, and website all in one place.
We design WordPress with you and your business in mind so that your site can grow with you and work for you too.

Alexander Jordan

I am a director, marketer, designer and thinker. I love all things tech, travel, music and culture. Follow me on Twitter, and Google+
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