4 Fast Points to Writing A Killer Press Release

You often hear the word press release either in television and radio or read it in newspapers. It is a document being released by the media either the information is from the government, company or from a known person and even from the entertainment industry. In planning an event or activity, you also need a press release to carry out the activity and make it successful so that the public know what you are up to!

A Press release is a written or recorded statement that is intended for the media with a purpose of announcing important information to the public. It is also being called a news release. Wide topics are being publicised such as scheduled events, new items and products coming out in the market, exclusive information and other important matters.

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Writing a press release is not an easy task. You need to make sure that what you have written is brief, and the content is substantial. Otherwise, it will not be effective and editors might just ignore them. Here are 4 fast points to consider:

1. Writing Your Headline

It should be short, brief, direct to the point and compact in nature. From your press release, get the most important keywords and these will grab the attention of the readers. It will be easy for the media and the readers to grasp the content of your press release. Also in using these keywords, it will increase the visibility of the press release in search engines. Sometimes being a bit risky or controversial really helps to get the attention of media and will make people want to read the rest of the release.  If you have a good headline then it will ensure more people will read the rest of the article so this could be the most important part of a press release.

2. The Main Body

It should contain all the information that you want to appear and convey in your news story. You can start by mentioning the date and city where the press release originated. The first paragraph should sum up all the content and elaborate it in the succeeding paragraphs. Deal only with actual and concrete facts. The press release body should be compact and avoid too lengthy material that uses technical and fancy words or language. Keep it short and sweet to get the maximum impact! Make sure that you don’t bore your readers by saying too much or alienate them using difficult language. Best to keep it suited for your audience, or potential audience.

3. Consider The 5 Ws (And The H)

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  • Who: Who are you, the company or individual?, Who is the Release about?
  • What: What are you writing about, the product, service, event, launch..
  • Where: Where is this happening? Is it global or a specific area?
  • When: When is the action taking place? Is it a launch date? Or a new service starting now?
  • Why: Why are you telling us now?
  • How: How can someone contact you, buy your products, or get more information?


Information about what the actual news is, why it is written, information about the product, the purpose and the company should be gathered. Now you can write your press release in a sequential manner. First is the headline, followed by the summary of the news, events, products, people, summary and then the company. Your press release should not be more than 1 or 2 pages with a call to action getting people to go to your website to view the product or sign up for an event.

4. Information About The Company

The description of the company, its core and business policy should be mentioned at the end of the paragraph. You should also include some contact information for readers to email or contact you should they wish to get more information. Press releases are a kind of marketing tool that are considered as a powerful way of sending messages to the public. Following these 4 key points, you can already make a killer press release that will catch the eyes of the media and the public. Here at Thinking Creativity we can write a killer press release for your business and submit it to news website, distribution networks as well as Google News.

Speak to us about our Press Release writing and submission service for more information.

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