4 Places You Can Grab Creative Blog Post Ideas Now

Can you snag blog post ideas out of thin air? Or are you always suffering from the malady know as writer’s block? Creating blog posts on a persistent basis is a great secret of online success. Prolific writers generate leads, increase their readerships and grow their opportunity with ease.

How can you generate creative blog post ideas? Look around. The flow of creative ideas hits you persistently but your mind must be aligned with this flow. This means tuning into ideas around you, both online and offline.

Look in a few specific spots online to snag blog post ideas now.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups provides you with a dependable content creation portal. Scan through the topics. Select posts which grab your attention. You can cover a similar topic with a different approach or you can expound upon multiple ideas within the post.

Study online scuttlebutt. What are people chatting about? Where are the problems within these conversations? Your blog posts are the solutions to these problems.

Warning: some LI groups are spam fests. Avoid these groups and focus on content-rich, helpful collections of success-conscious online entrepreneurs. These are the spots to frequent, to receive prospering blog post ideas.

Facebook Groups

Join content-rich, engaging Facebook Groups within your niche. Observe the cyber chats. Gauge what posts seem to be most popular. How frequently do certain topics pop up?

Lead generating blog posts appear routinely on many Facebook Groups. So when you see this pattern you quickly realize to hit this blog post topic persistently. Not every day mind you, but you can cover the topic maybe once a week, discussing effective lead generation strategies on multiple social networks.

Online Forums

Online forums related to your niche contain oodles of prospering blog post ideas. These spots are the first place many struggling entrepreneurs run to, looking for either free content or the latest and greatest product to solve their problems. If you are smart, you hang out on forums at least a few times daily to see what people struggle with, and you provide solutions to these struggles with your blog posts

One note: avoid being a forum junkie. Some people get caught up chatting all day, forgetting to hop off the forum to provide a powerful branding solution in the form of a content rich blog post. Get ideas and leave the website to create your solution.

The Blog Comments Field

Check well-read blogs from your niche. What are people chatting about? What are readers struggling with? These conversations provide you with an infinite number of ideas for blog posts.

Think about how many blogs you visit from your niche and how many comments you see. How could you ever run out of blog post ideas? Impossible!

Be patient. Never attempt to force out a blog post. Your best posts are never rushed, or forced, because force negates. Choose your idea from the spots mentioned above, relax, write and attract interested readers with increasing ease.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips for successful online endeavors, whether you are running a business or trying to monetize your blog. If you are in need of an FTP client program, check out Winscp, which works across a variety of platforms.

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