About Us

Who we are

Thinking Creativity is the company that caters to your every want and need when it comes to online services. Started in 2009, the team is highly skilled in online strategy, marketing, and website design, making us happy to bring this amazing service to you. Working with a wide range of businesses as well as individuals enables us to broaden our creative thinking when it comes to the online world. With time we gather more information and enlarge our repertoire of clients which makes this company the missing link between customer and online stardom.

We don’t just speak IT here at Thinking Creativity ltd. we also speak in plain English and if you don’t understand what all the terms are, we always find the right way to explain it to you. We proudly advertise the fact that our prices are competitive and that we offer the very best services (SEO, PPC, and Website Design) for every penny spent on them. Offering training workshops as well, so that we can pass on our knowledge to our valued customers which makes us unique and you will not find many companies that offer this alongside their services.

Yes, we are here to help with any kind of question you may have about the internet and its unlimited possibilities. Explaining to the best of our ability what your business would gain from working with us. Showing you how exposure to the online world can get clients to notice you and your company’s potential. All in all we are here for you.

Here is to your online success,

Alexander Jordan

Founder & Director of Thinking Creativity Ltd.