Adobe Photoshop: What is it?

Best known for photo manipulation, Adobe Photoshop is software used by graphic designers to create digital artwork and professional logos as well as vector graphics. Most people know it as software that web designers, developers and graphic artists used in order to manipulate photos in print and in digital format while also creating unique images. This program can work with print format images because it supports scanners that transfer the print photo into a digital file that allows the user to manipulate it using the hundreds of tools offered in Adobe Photoshop.

One way that you can use Adobe Photoshop in order to manipulate a photo is by removing the infamous red eye that appears when taking a flash photo. Experienced users can even use this powerful program to use the versatile files to change the foreground and background as needed. By adjusting tones, gradients, hiding imperfections and altering the lighting, a user can even adjust a photo of a person to make them appear flawless, which is often seen in the American Hollywood culture and in popular magazines. Above all, Adobe Photoshop has hundreds of tools at the ready to make it look like someone was found at a certain location or in a particular part of the world even though they were not there.

Adobe Photoshop is an incredibly powerful program that makes it possible to manipulate an image to the point where an entire person can be removed from the background or from one area and instead pasted onto another photo with an entirely different background. In fact, only the imagination truly is the limit as far as transforming or combining images together in this manner. The only problem with this is that this ability to greatly edit an image makes it possible for people to use them for illegal purposes or for deception in criminal activities.

Adobe Photoshop is also often used by web designers to make a template for a website that can be used as a mock up to show how information is placed or what the color scheme is. This includes placing advertisements and navigational links. If necessary, the user can also slice the templates up into different sections in order to create a website that actually functions with matching software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver.

Although Adobe Photoshop can actually be used to build a website all on its own, it is not usually recommended to use this in order to do that. This is because the program has a way of generating the code on its own that makes it somewhat difficult to modify when you want to make changes later.

Graphic designers who work with book covers, business cards, fliers, print signs and other items that use graphics extol the program because of the complete control they have in making an image that they envision.

It is possible to get a trial version of the software to try it out for 30 days before deciding to make the large investment to buy its license.

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