Best iPhone Apps to Prank Your Friends

Got An iPhone? Do you and your friends love playing jokes and pranks on each other? Of course you do. There are all sorts of epic pranks you can pull, but sometimes the simplest ones can be the best and most unexpected. With a few prank apps on your iPhone, you can get your friends when they least expect it.

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Here are some of the top iPhone Prank Apps:

Scary Prank; $0.99

If you enjoy scaring your friends, this is the best app you can get. Just open the app and tell your friends they have to play this really cool game on your phone. They’ll begin playing, and after a little while a ghost will suddenly appear along with terrible screams. Nine times out of ten your friend will be terrified. It works like a charm. Just be careful – victims very frequently throw or drop phones when startled by this prank.

Prank; $0.99

This app may have a very generic name, but that’s because it’s so versatile as a tool for pranking your friends. The app contains 100 sounds such as bodily functions, alarm noises, animal sounds, screams, and even gun shots. Just press a button to play the sound and scare and confuse your friends. Better yet, set the prank timer and the noise you select will go off whenever you choose, and it can repeat as many times as you want.

Hearing Test: Prank Box; $0.99

This is another app in the prank genre of “screamers.” Tell a friend to take the hearing test you downloaded. The app starts off as a hearing test, asking your friend to answer simple questions about the noises they hear. It seems realistic, and they won’t be expecting it at all when a ghost pops out screaming. It’s definitely a scary app that works to prank anyone, even people who are skeptical.

Fart Express Funny Prank; Free

This app is exactly what the name suggests. It is an app that does nothing but play certain bodily function sounds. It’s perfect for a good, immature prank. You can set the noise off at anytime, and it also goes off when your move your phone. You can clear out a room or embarrass a friend with this prank app that’s sure to get attention.

Prank Mirror; Free

Prank Mirror uses your front-facing camera to turn your phone into a mirror. But it’s not just any mirror – there are a variety of distortions you can pick from. When your friend looks in the mirror, in real-time they’ll see their face look like it’s melting, an alien, a fish head, or whatever distortion you choose. It’s very funny, and you can even take pictures and send them to your friends.

Bigfoot Camera Prank; $0.99

With this app you can trick your friend into believing you discovered Bigfoot in a photograph. All you have to do is select any image you want and use the editing tools to add a Bigfoot figure into the background. In the end, it looks authentic, and it’s great for a laugh with your pranked friends.

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