Five Tips for Recruiting the Best Sales People

Developing a strong sales team is key for many businesses. Choosing the right sales people to make up your team can be difficult but when a solid team is in place a business can really begin to soar.  Sales recruitment requires a watertight recruitment process and people with an eye for spotting talent.  Here are 5 things to consider when drawing up your sales recruitment plan.

  1. Write up a profile. By knowing exactly what you are looking for you are less likely to go off track when it comes to reviewing CV’s and interviewing. Draw up a list of the kind of skills and qualities that you need in your ideal candidate and keep this list in your mind at all times. In most cases it will be hard to find someone who ticks every single box but by having this type of profile or wish list in place it is much easier to compare candidates and make a decision.
  2. Have more than one recruitment method. By working with a range of agencies and using different types of recruitment tactics you are going to get a wider range of applicants for the role. This should hopefully present you with a range of people with a huge pool of qualifications and experience from which you can pick and choose the best.
  3. Consider head hunting. If you are aware of individuals who work at other companies but who you feel would be an asset to your team then consider getting in touch with them. Head hunting people who are already in the industry will mean that you get people who are knowledgeable and very experienced. This should help keep training costs to a minimum later down the line once they are employed.
  4. Consider your offering. Are the kinds of candidates that you are looking for going to be attracted to the package that you are offering? By having a great offering that is positioned attractively in your advertisements you should be able to attract high quality candidates.
  5. Contact references. If you are seriously interested in a particular candidate then it is well worth contacting their references. This may be a previous employer or a customer that they have worked with in the past. By speaking to those who have worked alongside the candidate you should get first hand information and be able to make a much more informed decision on their fit within your comapny.

Vicky works with who are a specialist sales coaching company. She enjoys writing business articles based on sales and recruitment.

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