About the Founder

Alexander Jordan

I was brought up in an international environment with an English father and French mother, and was born in Italy.  I love to explore the world and get inspiration from everything around me from cityscapes, nature, music, and people.  My favourite hobby is to play and create music on the drums, saxophone, or on the guitar.

I founded Thinking Creativity Ltd. in response to the growing need for companies to provide Internet Services.

I became fascinated with website design at the age of 14 where I made my first website using HTML in Notepad.  That started the process and for the next few years I would continue to learn in my own time about making websites and eventually became experienced in HTML and CSS.

After being an amateur coding enthusiast for many years I started to look at the whole process and began learning how to use software applications such as Photoshop.  I made some pretty strange edits of my friends’ photographs blending various faces together and making people look like zombies. I soon moved on to website graphics which lead me to starting my own freelance career at the age of 19 and with less than $200 in my pocket.

In 2009 I began work on my own website in order to promote my services.  I had the same idea that many have about launching a site – you make a nice one, and the people will come.  I soon learned that this was not the case, which is why in the past years I have become obsessed with marketing online. Learning every trick of the trade, finding out all the latest inside scoop about Google’s ever changing algorithms and how I can get as many visitors to my websites as possible.  It took some trial and error, and lots of different experiments, but finally I realised that by combining everything I have learned I was able to create ultimate strategies and solutions.  These have formed the backbone to all my online activity, which is why I have the utmost confidence in offering a complete solution to our Clients.

I guess it makes sense why the company is called Thinking Creativity Ltd. we have creative minds and apply this to everything whether to business strategy, graphics design, or even the way we explain our services. For example SEO could be explained as the process of making a sandwich, a pizza, building a house, or even brushing your teeth!

If you have had a brainwave of excellence – I can’t wait to hear about it and work with you on developing that idea!

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