How Top SEO Companies Perceive Link Building

Link building is performed by top SEO companies.  However, it’s done a bit differently than in the past.  In modern-day online marketing, link building is a lot more strategic.  It’s not about getting links from anywhere, from any webmaster or outside entity.  The search engines have evolved, penalizing those who abuse link building.  The changes call for more strategy and personalization.  Review how the initiative is leveraged today.

Anchor Text

In the past, marketing companies sought incoming links hosting particular anchor text, the desired keywords of the clients.  However, the process was akin to stuffing keywords onto a webpage to garner higher rankings.  Search engines caught on and began penalizing suspicious link building activities that appeared to abuse particular anchor text.  Nowadays, SEO practitioners seek incoming links with diverse anchor text, representative of a number of client keywords rather than ‘the most desired.’  It makes for a wider range of incoming links and better search engine optimization.


In the past, a number of link building efforts were highly automated.  Link builders used tools to target specific URLs, which might link to client content.  The process involved little people relations.  Additionally, the success rate was not very high.  The automated method made the process susceptible to miscommunication or got no responses at all from contacted webmasters.  Today, outreach is performed much like traditional public relations has always been done.  For instance, a writer will contact a webmaster and inquire about a guest post opportunity, securing an incoming link for the client.  The process makes for better link building and more reliable linking.

Pick and Choose

In the past, link building was more of a numbers game.  It was thought rankings would improve the more links a client had pointing to a site.  The number of links is still a factor.  But the quality of incoming links is a bigger factor.  For instance, company A could have 100 incoming links, but of all low quality.  Company B may have only 15, but from all major news sources, .gov sites, etc.  Company B is going to appear more valuable in the search engines eyes despite having less links due to the difference in quality.  It’s very important to pick and choose potential link opportunities.  All links are not counted equally.

Heavy on Relations

As mentioned above, link building is very similar to public relations these days.  Traditional PR involved contacting news sources and other webmasters for potential exposure.  Modern-day link building seeks the same sort of exposure, yet ensuring an incoming link is also involved in the process.  It works well on two fronts.  One, search engines receive positive signals due to links.  Secondly, online word-of-mouth exposure is initiated because other webmasters are discussing and linking to a client’s brand.  Talk to your intended top online marketing and SEO companies about link building opportunities.

Will Schnieder is the Founder of, a search platform that enables searchers to find reputable SEO companies. He also writes about varied online marketing subjects including SEO and mobile marketing. Note: The photo is licensed from Shutterstock.

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