Putting the Internet’s Size in Perspective: INFOGRAPHIC

how big is the internet infographic

How many times could you fill your room with the paper that might represent Internet pages that exist on the World Wide Web? There are many ways to imagine the magnitude of information that is accessed on the Web, but physically recreating the materially would be difficult. There are more than a trillion pages of content, and this amount grows daily. With such an increase in information, it’s understandable that the Web seems big. Understanding the vastness of the pages represented is a challenge.

Simple math computations are possible for determining how the Internet pages might be represented in packages. A ream is a standard of measure for packages of paper. 500 sheets per ream means that the massive amounts of content online can be represented by 2,000,000 reams of paper. A single ream can cover 3,000 square feet of area. Compare this to the square footage of a modest home, and you might estimate that the flooring of between two and four million homes could be covered by the pages of the Internet.

Source: Health-Information-Technology

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