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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way webmasters and businesses around the world gain visibility in major search databases. Link building is a specific component of SEO that when utilized in the correct way connects similar ideas, businesses and products to one another. Like virtually any other process on Earth, there are people who take advantage of the system and it’s not always genuine and natural.

This article is meant to focus on legitimate, relevant-first link building. This type of link building not only enhances business visibility throughout the international economy, but also makes the internet more efficient and accurate for the end user.

How Does Link Building Help Business?

Within the internet, links are the access points that connect websites to other websites. Other than click through visibility, these links also help Google in the company’s efforts to discover quality domains and rank those quality domains for certain keywords. Due to the strong emphasis that Google’s algorithms put on links, businesses worldwide have begun the process of calculated link building. When done the right way, this strategy yields rankings for search queries that people type into search engines.

If you live in a city and run a small business that makes local chocolate, you want to rank for certain terms that have to do with your product. Let’s pretend you own a chocolate business. If you operate in Chicago and want to rank for the keywords “Chicago chocolatier”, it’s possible. You want links that have the anchor text “Chicago chocolatier”, so when someone searches it you will come up to help them out. Link building can get you first page results on the major search engines, if done correctly.

Generally speaking, the more incoming links to a business a web page, the more popular it’s viewed by Google. The catch is that Google has started to crack down on illegitimate links that fall in the SPAM category.  This forces those that want to rank for certain keywords to build links to their website in a relevant and quality way. If you are the chocolatier in Chicago, you want links on websites that are relevant to your product: chocolate. Whether it’s a confectionery site or a candy store website, you want links on these. To further explain, you don’t want a chocolatier link on a dog collar website. Although it’s an additional link, it doesn’t make sense to Google or the end user. You will be penalised in the rankings.

When businesses link build with a purpose, the potential is limitless.



Why Does Link Building Make The Internet Better?

Link building isn’t exclusively for achieving rankings, or at least it shouldn’t be. Some people abuse the strategy, which is unfortunate, but expected. However, there are a lot of people out there who build links in a way that makes the internet a better place.

The reason the internet is improved with appropriate and relevant-first link building is because it helps the end user find what they are looking for. If your chocolate business is unique and there aren’t many local producers of chocolate in Chicago, you should be visible to those searching for what you provide. If your operations can help someone, that person should be able to use the internet in order to seek out your services. Building links on relevant websites not only gets a business ranked, but it also helps provide interested people with content that they would naturally be intrigued by. If there’s a guest blog on a confectionary website, it’s a high possibility that the readers of the site would be interested in an article about a local chocolate producer in Chicago. It just makes sense.

The internet is meant to help people navigate through endless pastures of ideas, products and services. Link building makes this process more efficient and accurate when done correctly. Businesses should rank for what they provide and also for the quality of what they provide.

Link building connects relevant ideas and services, making the internet a better place.



The internet is a giant network of links. Link building the right way is beneficial for a number of reasons, most notably with regards to business exposure and web usability. It’s an important skill that takes time and effort, but when done correctly has a very positive impact on the way people find and disseminate information.

About the Author: Clay Christeson loves peanut butter and the World Wide Web. When he’s not scouring the internet for the latest news he writes for Local Splash, a company that provides local SEO services.

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