Selecting a Logo and Other Branding Tips

A good logo can help your website stand out from others. It adds brand recognition so your clients remember you. Your logo is the first point of contact, your first impression on potential clients, if it doesn’t strike them as the right image you might as well send them out the door yourself!

When it comes to partnerships online there might come a time where you need your brand to appear on other websites – what would you say if someone wanted to display an image on your own business page that you don’t even like? With these reasons, you really need to spare more time on creating a good logo and improve your website design, so as to power your brand and have a solid image that you are proud to project on the market.

At Thinking Creativity we like simplicity

Why have too many colours, loads of shapes, complex details when you can have something which anyone could easily remember? Also, when designing a logo remember that it wont always be displayed in full colour, you might have documents which print in black and white and so it should also look great in this fashion.

By keeping the edges simple, as well as the main shapes, it becomes easier to make your logo a stamp, pattern on a t-shirt, hat or bag which can be very useful to promote your business.


[styledbox type=”information” width=”640″ ][reveal width=”560″ title=”Click Here For A Fun Idea!” ]If you have a product or service that is intended for the mass market or a large group of people then why not get some merchendise made and wear it around your local city.
People are always distracted when taking public transport, and going places, and they look around at other people. If you have a great design, with a catchy slogan, or something funny they might remember it and then go on to look at your business.
Your lead generation could start as soon as you leave for your morning commute. Speaking of this, if you design something that people enjoy wearing and they like your brand (even if you are not a fashion company) this is a way of making something go viral in the “real world” 😉
If you are a startup you can even give things away to employees or friends and help them get the word out, without opening their mouth![/reveal][/styledbox]

Keep It Relevant

Selecting a good logo and website design is a must when you want to attract more visitors to your website. A good logo should have relevance to your website’s topic and services. When your website is about a car, your logo might have a car, wheels, hub cap, number plate, headlights, side mirrors or any other object that is linked to a car.

Arranging the logo and all related images and information in your website design will greatly help to have a uniform look and maintain a theme for your visitors.
Perhaps this example of logos should be taken as a bad example 😛


[imageeffect type=”reflect” align=”alignleft” width=”640″ alt=”Too Many Logos!” url=”” titleoverlay=”yes”]

You Don’t Need Lots Of Text

You don’t have to put long text with your logo. A logo that can draw attention to the market is the one that doesn’t have any text at all, what you need is a logo that speaks for itself. Think of some major brands like McDonalds, CocaCola, Pepsi, Hilton or Nike. They each have very simple logos that don’t need text to be recognised.

Striking But Simple

That is what your logo should be. I’m sure that you know the saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words!” and with that make sure that your logo will stand the test of time, naturally large companies have seen their image transform and evolve over the years but the basic form and shame has been maintained. It should be remembered by your visitors even though your company has stayed in the business for a long time. Aside from that, the website design should also be appropriate to the brand that you are offering.

Make Your Logo For Your Customers!

You should create your logo to match the expectations with your clients, this helps to drive brand loyalty, as well as helping to sell your products and services. Need help with creating a logo? Let us design some for you!

The Ideas Behind Our Brand Image

Thinking Creativity was a name simple based on the concept that before anything becomes tangible it starts as a simple thought. Being creative is a necessity when its comes to online marketing, and especially website design. So ‘Thinking Creativity’ is the act of thought before someone creates something; it is the suspence and anticipation. We just complete that circle, which leads me onto the actual logo design.

[imageeffect type=”frame” align=”aligncenter” width=”330″ height=”191″ alt=”Thinking Creativity” url=”” ]


One of the most amazing creations in our universe is the earth itself. It works like a well oiled machine self sustaining, cleaning, and circulating life. The green and blue represent the earth, land, and ocean and the infinity symbol which passes through represents the sustainability and durability.

Here at Thinking Creativity we deliver sustainable long lasting solutions to a global market. We had our thoughts, now it is time to share yours!

Alexander Jordan

I am a director, marketer, designer and thinker. I love all things tech, travel, music and culture. Follow me on Twitter, and Google+
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