SEO For The Busy Business: Building An Online Authority

So you are going to launch your website, maybe you already have, and you want all the content possible to make it a robust and informative resource.  But if you really want to serve your content in the optimal way, hold back on pushing the publish button too soon!

Real traffic comes from a frequently upated site, not from a one time slam never to be updated again.  To really build authority you want to schedule your updates on a regular basis.  The Search Engines will reward you, and so will your clients!

Consider A More Patient Approach

Any SEO professional will tell you that Search Engine Optimization is a long term strategy, and that organic growth is the best approach.  Building relevant content on your website, business, or blog is the most powerful strategy that many people overlook.  Why? Because it takes time to craft articles, and it takes time to format them and publish them.  It’s not the fault of any business strategist really, if you have a huge work load getting a huge amount of content is a reasonable idea, its the delivery which is neglected. Most people will only see the first part, ‘lots of content’, and then skip on to the ‘successful long term strategy’.  That is where it can go pear shaped, because it’s really the organic delivery and continuous updates which will do the work for you!

Organic Growth: What Does It Really Mean?

If you think of the flowers and trees outside, they are the prime example of Organic Growth.  It means steady, slow, and continual.  When Google analyses websites through their complex algorithms they look for these signs.  One fact about updated content is that if you updated it a year ago, it might be ‘old news’ so how does this show that you have an up and coming business ready to deliver to your new clients?  You can equate this to your local news website, or your favourite forum.  These sites didnt appear in all their glory over night! They have been developed over many years and started with very few pages.  That is the key message of organic growth, think of all the body builders who tried steroids.  Sure, they see a tremendous amount of growth but it is always followed by an even more tremendous failure.   If they had worked on naturally building themselves they wouldn’t suffer the same consequences.  You wouldn’t want to treat yourself like that, and you shouldn’t treat your business like that either. If you want to be around for the long term, then you need a website strategy that will ensure the same.  And that strategy is called Organic Growth.

How Does Timing Influence Your Online Promotion?

Gradually delivering fresh content, is a much more important factor than how much content you have.  Ultimately you will have a lot of content, but by delivering it over time, you are not bombarding your readers with information overload, giving them a great reason to come back.  Admittedly, it isn’t easy for many Webmasters to update their website frequently, which is why the tendency is to make large updates rather sporadicly and infrequently.  So what is the solution? Schedules.  There is no rule as to when you write your content, you are more than welcome to write 100 articles in a week.  The important part is that once you have these, schedule for them to be published over a long period of time.  Once a week is a great starting point, if you have lots of information you can increase, and if you dont have so much information; decrease.  But ideally you want to be adding fresh content at a bare minimum of once a month.  One of the great features of WordPress is that you can choose the date that you post will be published, so it is very easy to build a steady stream of content on your website.

Same Content, Different Results

By managing the speed of your content delivery, search engines notice how frequently you update and they see a pattern of organic growth.  When building a strong resource this is the ideal pattern to follow.  It doesn’t stop you from writing a lot of content in one sitting, just make sure you schedule the publishing of it over a longer period of time.  It doesn’t have an immediate effect, but putting this into practice for a month or two and the search engines will give you the benefits, and your reward will last.  It really is the details of a long term strategy that can hold the whole foundation of SEO together.

Alexander Jordan

I am a director, marketer, designer and thinker. I love all things tech, travel, music and culture. Follow me on Twitter, and Google+
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