The SEO Sandwich (BLT)

So You’re Hungry… and all that you want is a tasty sandwich. Maybe a sub stuffed with your favourite fillings, drenched in the most beautiful, rich sauce, sprinkled with the best quality organic fresh garnishes and all washed down with a healthy, refreshing juice. Sounds good, right? But before you start you’re going to have to make sure you have only the very finest ingredients or the sandwich just isn’t going to taste right. Put everything together in just the right way though, and it could be the most awesome, wholesome, delicious sandwich you have ever tasted.

Internet marketing and optimisation is a lot like crafting that astounding sub and, just like that sandwich, when you put everything together with experience, care and technique, the results can be fantastic. That’s why we have professional sandwich makers and that’s why we have professional digital agencies.

Let’s Start With The Bread

Without the bread to hold everything together, there is no sandwich. Personally, I like a whole-wheat granary but some people prefer Italian White; it doesn’t matter, what matters is that it’s fresh, soft and tasty. Your website is the bread, the foundation of internet marketing. This is where you’re driving your customers to and if the website isn’t right, the whole concept is going to fall apart. On page optimisation is your start point as your content needs to hit that sweet spot of being rich enough to rank well with search engines while being readable enough for people to stick around. Your titles need to be clear, inviting and tell everyone who you are and what you do. Think about a ‘White Loaf’; no fancy title needed, and you know exactly what it is.

The Filling Of An SEO Sandwich

The filling of this SEO sandwich is literally the filling of your site. Search engines such as Google are more sophisticated than ever and they can spot blatant keyword spamming within seconds and that is a sure-fire way to rank low (nobody likes Spam sandwiches). Keep the content simple. I love a nice chicken mayo sandwich, and it sure beats a mackerel, avocado and jelly toastie. Links, both internal and external should be clearly marked and working. Images need to be tagged with appropriate, clear filenames and ALT text; remember, search engines don’t know what the images are unless you tell them.

Toppings, Garnishes, and Seasoning

The right toppings, garnishes and seasonings can really add something to your sandwich, without them it just wouldn’t be the same, and getting the right links pointing at your website can be the difference between a buzzing, busy website and one that doesn’t quite work. This is where you need professional help. In sandwich joints they have the garnishes and seasonings that they know are going to enhance the fillings. They know just what sauce to put on and how much. The wrong garnish or too much sauce can ruin your sandwich, undoing all of the good work you did earlier. Link building is an art and it’s about quality and not necessarily quantity. If the links are in the wrong places, search engines will see them as spam and your site will rank low. So call in the professional who, just like that sandwich maker, will know where to source the best places to link to your site and ensure that they are of good quality and relevance. That way, search engines will see your site as valuable. Put simply, you need someone who knows where to build links to really build traffic.

The Taste Test

Once you’ve gotten hold of your sandwich you’ll feel the bread for freshness, peruse the ingredients for quality and then finally taste the whole thing. If it’s good and delivered all of its promise, you’ll want to tell everyone where you got it from and this is the role that search engines play. Gone are the days when you could trick a search engine into pointing traffic in your direction, the algorithms that the crawler bots use are designed to send people to high quality websites with interesting, relevant content. If your sandwich sucked, you’d throw it in the bin; if you’re website sucks, it might as well be in the bin.

Finally, You’ve Got It All Right

The sandwich is great, you’re telling everyone about it and your website is great and the search engines are ranking you high. This is when you can sit back and take a nice big gulp of juice that will flow into your mouth as quickly as traffic flows to your website. Just like a bottomless drink with unlimited refills, that refreshing traffic will never end. You and your website will never be thirsty again.

Sure, any old fool can make a sandwich, and any old fool can try and optimise your website but remember, if you get the wrong person, with the wrong ingredients and the wrong ideas, you will end up with a sandwich but you can guarantee you’re still going to be hungry.

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