Top 10 WordPress Gallery Themes

One of the best things about using WordPress is that it offers a lot of gallery themes. These choices come in handy when your content is more about the images than the text. E-commerce websites and users who prefer a magazine-style layout will find it preferable to use WordPress gallery themes, especially premium themes which can be customized more fully.

With hundreds of gallery themes to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right one. Keep in mind that while WordPress does allow you to change themes whenever the whim strikes you, it is best to experiment before you have uploaded the majority of your content. Just do a couple of posts to see how you feel about it before committing fully.

We have compiled a list of top 10 WordPress gallery themes for your convenience. Take a look and you just might find the one.

1. PhotoCrati – One of the reasons why Photocrati is so popular is because it is one of the few WordPress themes that has a built-in e-commerce galleries. If your blog is all about displaying products, Photocrati is the way to go. The built-in templates allow you to choose from the many available layouts and you can customize without having to be a coding genius.

2. Trim Theme – Trim, as the name suggests, is simple, crisp and balance. One of the best selling points of this theme is that it easily adapts to variable screen sizes—a must for all those mobile users out there.

3. Evolution – Another fully responsive design. You can choose from four layouts and be assured that readers of your site whether they are using a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone is getting a great user experience. Evolution intuitively adjusts to the browser’s window size; no more zooming and scrolling.

4. BigFormat – There are times when multimedia content just have to wow the viewer, especially if the purpose of your website is to showcase your design. The BigFormat theme does that.

5. PhotoMe – Another favorite for photo blogs. There are two choices for custom skins but the unusual vertical image slider makes your work stand out.

6. Photorific – Incorporates 30+ shortcodes and automatically stretches images to fit variable browser sizes. And did we mention that you have no limitation on the number of background images you want to use?

7. Work – clean design that makes your professional quality pieces take center stage. Can be customized with one, two, three or four column layout.

8. Chameleon – It’s called that because you have a virtually endless choice for pattern and color combinations. You don’t have to be a pro web developer either.

9. Carousel – The design was made for purist photographers: users can just scroll through images with no fuss.

10. Gallerific – This can actually do double-duty as a blog and a gallery theme. With the right configurations, your multimedia content and standard blog posts can be equally stunning.

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