Training & Workshops

Workshops can be a great way to learn new information and keep your business activities up to date using the latest tools on offer. Training your own staff will cut out the middle man and keep things internal.

We love to learn as well as teach, whether it be individuals or entire teams. A good way to save on costs within your company is to train a team how to use SEO, Social Media, and Content to attract more potential customers. Training teams to use these effectively will drive your statistics for website visits through the roof. With the website being seen more often, being marketed well and having eye catching phrases you will mark an increase in sales. We offer a variety of packages whether it be one-on-one training or team workshops for SEO, how to use Social Media, and how to write content for your website.

Take a peek at each section and choose what’s best for your company today!

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We can teach you to use this marketing strategy to get your website noticed on search engines when customers are looking for your products. Having an in-house team doing this kind of work for your business is extremely cost-effective. A small team within your company could do the job for you, getting you noticed and providing highly targeted leads without paid adverts simply by getting your website to the top of the natural search on Google.

We are here to help you learn SEO, whether it be to teach one person or an entire team, we can teach you how to implement Search Engine Optimisation effectively for your business’ benefit.

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When it comes to social media strategies it all boils down to one single principle…

“Send the right message, get the desired response.”

Learning to use social networks such as Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to their full potential will enhance your business prospects through personal interaction with your audience, and customers.

We work with you to create a strategy for your social media so that not only are you reaching out to an incredible amount of people but even while you’re not in the office your social media campaigns can still be working for you. We can teach you how to use simple tools in order maximise the performance and ultimately manage your time spent on monitoring your Social Media activities. Why make social media chore?

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Just like in the property business where it’s all about: location, location, location.  The internet is about: content, content, content.
Above all unique content is what attracts the eager eyes of customers. We will teach you how to write the right kind of content to get you maximum exposure to the wide world of the web. Whether it be for your blog, online business, or personal website, we can guarantee to turn up the heat.

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