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With images and video running the roost for majority of social media campaigns, it pays to post visual media that has been properly optimized. Content optimization may be popular with users on the prowl for relevant data, but what if there was a way to generate the same interest for videos? Sure, the typical ‘How to’ video can rivet a user’s attention, but they’ll move on once they’re through viewing it. However, optimizing video content can:

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  • Improve your website’s online visibility.

  • Create potential for online link generation.

  • Increase your social media account’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) rating.

  • Allow you to spread video content throughout the web without interference from Google.


All of this may seem a bit dubious, but here’s how you can ensure your videos will perform well in search results:

Tactic #1 – Videos should be Relevant and Informative

Like your website’s content, if your videos aren’t relevant to your business or optimized accordingly, you will just end up confusing your target consumer. In order to ensure they remain long enough to make a purchase, create videos that are simple to follow, are opinion pieces or cover a particular topic related to your brand. 

Tactic #2 – Give Catchy Titles

One way to ensure users click on your video links is to give them titles that are fun to read. Using relevant keywords or key phrases can reel in target consumers like nothing else can as well.

Tactic #3 – Link to Video Portals

Linking the videos on your website to popular video portals such as YouTube can allow you to net a larger audience for your business. They are bound to make a purchase if they found the video interesting, right?

Tactic #4 – Provide Transcripts

Search engines still prefer HTML content over videos. In order to ensure your content doesn’t fall by the wayside, provide them with transcripts of all your videos or scatter your page copy on the web. Make sure the content is optimized with appropriate keywords/phrases if you want those search engine spiders to come crawling your way.

Tactic #5 – Less is More

Nothing is more boring to an online surfer than a video that is longer than a documentary! If, on the other hand, you cannot slash the length of your video, consider breaking it down into smaller ones users can easily skim through. Plus, they shouldn’t be more than five minutes long. Besides increasing their enjoyment, small videos will actually compel them to return.

Tactic #6 – Use Sitemaps

Search engines can have a hard time locating on-site videos if a website doesn’t have a sitemap to guide them. Use relevant keywords in your video links so that they can pinpoint them immediately and raise your website’s rank accordingly.

A social media campaign will crumble like a house of cards if it’s not properly optimized and woe betide any web business that doesn’t showcase relevant videos. Not only can this impede your marketing goals, but it can have a negative effective on your visitor retention rates as well.

Author: Bob Thompson is a writer for Monitis providing website & network monitoring.  Bob writes about many different topics such as website security, website efficiency and how to best use website monitoring tools to improve user experience.

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