What Not To Do: Top Website No’s

Setting up a website is more difficult than many people think. The design, layout, and features can take time to perfect. It is difficult to present your products in such a way that it leads to sales. Photography, descriptions, and design layouts must be perfected to show your products off in the best way possible.

Business have various budgets to work from which can impact the design and progress of a site, however no matter what your budget there are some errors to avoid to save you losing customers and those vital sales:


Introductions are pointless and only delay somebody getting onto your actual site. They can be an irritant to somebody who has limited time and is trying to access your site to see what you have to offer. Your main aim is to guide your visitors effortlessly into your online shop and show them what you have. An introduction acts as an obstacle to your site, you provide no valuable information in an introduction which can’t be included on the actual site.

Poor Navigations and Layout

Some businesses decide to play around with their navigations and layouts to be ‘different’. While it is good to offer something different, make sure you do this through your branding and products rather than confuse a visitor with your actual web layouts.

Visitors are used to a shopping basket being placed in the top right hand corner of a site, don’t mess with this layout, why make it harder for your customer to get to the checkout?

Menus should flow well and be named appropriately so visitors know what to expect in each area of the site, again make sure you guide them around your site without ambiguity.


Most people browse the web whilst watching a movie or listening to music, therefore it’s a rude interruption to go onto a website with background music.

You never want to irritate your website visitors with background music, if it is relevant to your site, allow your visitors to press play and choose to activate the music rather than have to desperately reach for the mute button, or worse still, leave your site a go elsewhere!

Broken Links

Broken links happen, especially as a site is updated. However you must keep an eye on your website and fix any problems straight away. You can ask user testers to test your site to check for any fault which might have missed your own checks.

Fatal broken links can reside in the checkout system, some sites have known to have a broken link which actually prevents a customer from making a sale, this is a disaster! Make sure this is not your site, and if it happens contact your developer immediately! Make sure you check your site regularly to assess all is functioning and linking as it should.

Busy Homepages

Some sites make the mistake of trying to cram too much onto their homepage. It is that case that this is the first impression and the only opportunity you have to attract people to explore your site further. However this is no excuse to put everything on the homepage. The most successful homepages are clear, guide customers into the online shop effortlessly, and provide an overall hint of what the company is about and what it offers.

Show some of your products linking to the in the online shop, introduce your company briefly, and brand your site so your visitors gain an understanding about who you are.

The worst sites are littered with adverts, show too many products with tiny thumbnails, use too many colour schemes, and place too must text over their homepage. This is distracting and difficult to take in. Provide bite size information.

Bad Fonts and Colours

Colours and fonts are so integral to your design. Mismatched colours and basic fonts can make you look unprofessional and too homemade. Use clear effective colours and fonts which reflect your brand and company as a whole. Colours should complement each other.

Visitors will stay on sites which are well presented and enjoyable to explore. Don’t give your visitors any reason to leave your site and shop elsewhere!

About the author: Kirsten works for whoishostingthis.com. Their site allows businesses to assess and choose hosting companies for their site by presenting them with reveiws and ratings provided by hosting company customers.

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